Featured Tenant: Philly Power Yoga

Philly Power Yoga, nestled in a tall-ceilinged, historic building in bustling Rittenhouse, can be tough to spot at first glance. There are no window displays or fancy lights pointing passersby to the sunlit studio upstairs. But its members and devotees know just where to go. Every day, roughly 200 people ascend to the second floor of a building originally built in the mid 19th Century to participate in a vigorous and challenging yoga practice taught by studio owner Steve Gold and his talented team of instructors.

Philly Power Yoga began in 2009 when Gold, a former telecom sales executive, decided to leave the corporate world and embrace a more balanced, holistic way of living. Born and raised in Overbrook Park, Gold graduated from Drexel with a business degree in 1982. He first worked as a stockbroker, just blocks away from his current Yoga studio. An industrious worker and dedicated saver, Gold quickly began to amass personal wealth, and luxury cars and homes soon followed. But so did the burnout. He began to explore yoga as a way to take better care of his body and mind. During a yoga retreat in Tulum Mexico with renowned yogi, Baron Baptiste, Gold had a revelation. He no longer wanted the newest luxury car.  He felt content and at peace with his current life. His hunger for wealth and prestige had quieted, and he now sought a deeper, more meaningful way of connecting with the world. “Once you’re no longer driven by money, your life in corporate America is over”, Gold says.

Philly Power Yoga is Born

Gold’s transition from sales executive to yoga studio owner was gradual. He began teaching yoga classes in the early 2000s, and by 2004, was ready to combine his business expertise and passion for the spiritual and physical practice that helped transform his life. The business has continued to flourish in the years since opening, and Gold remains a regular instructor at Philly Power Yoga. His classes are popular, and it’s easy to understand why. He encourages participants to push both their bodies and minds in an environment that, while rather hot at 90 degrees, is very accepting. Gold says “I’ve taken 3,000 yoga classes, and I’m still learning.” This approach towards continual self improvement creates classes which are physically demanding, but lift the spirit.

Yoga Studio at Philly Power Yoga

When asked about expanding the business and opening a second location, Gold recounts a story of waiting with a friend for his personal jet to takeoff:

“I’m in this beautiful machine and we’re about to fly somewhere incredible and we’re waiting a while in line for our turn to takeoff. My friend looks at me and says, ‘This is the problem. Now you need your own runway.’”

The desire for more can be insatiable. Gold says he’s proud of Philly Power Yoga and wants to remain active in daily operations.  But mostly, he’s not chasing more growth or more money. He doesn’t need a runway. He needs to practice yoga and teach yoga and nurture the studio that’s come to mean so much to so many.

Solo Real Estate is grateful to have such an inspiring tenant at 2016 Walnut Street. Especially someone who truly appreciates it’s tall windows and historic charm. We hope to continuing seeing hundreds coming through their doors everyday for years and years to come.

Steve Gold
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