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Love Where You Live™ is not just a catchy phrase, it’s what drives us. We believe it’s our responsibility to make our communities a place worth loving. At Solo, our part doesn’t end when we help individuals move into a neighborhood. Through responsible development, non-profit partnerships, and sustainability efforts—such as composting and recycling—we strive to make our communities (and our planet) even better.

Here are some ways that we help create a community worth loving:


Recycling Bins We were one of the first companies to start a recycling bin initiative in this city and offer bins and reusable tote bags for our tenants and clients to reduce their footprints whenever possible. Owner Deborah Solo has a green certification from the National Association of Realtors and serves as a member of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. Solo Agent Simran Safer is a WELL AP & LEED Green Associate and Associate Broker Jeff Carpineta recently completed a 3-year program in Ecological Gardening at the Mt. Cuba Center in Delaware focused on habitat restoration with native plants. So when we say the team cares about sustainability, we really mean it.


Bennett Compost Partnership What started as a social media giveaway for a year’s worth of free composting and a discussion with Bennett Compost about how we could help get more people involved in composting has blossomed into a partnership. To encourage them to compost, Solo and Bennett Compost have teamed up to offer Solo tenants and owners a free two-month trial of their service.


Green Roof Projects We value green roofs especially because they reduce cooling costs, capture rainwater and carbon, and enrich our urban landscapes. Whenever possible, Solo installs green roofs on our properties. In 2015, Solo worked with Jeanne Weber at Philadelphia Green Roofs to install a series of four green roof sections on top of the Solo Real Estate office. Weber and Solo have been working together for over 10 years, creating green roofs for commercial and residential properties like the roof of the commercial property adjacent to Kensington Yards and a green roof located above the Indego Bike Share Office.

PHS Sponsorship Solo has been a proud sponsor of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and the pop-up garden on South Street for years. The PHS Pop Up Garden began in 2010 with the goal of transforming vacant lots into gardens to serve as a valuable community resource. In the summer, Solo sponsors monthly plant swaps and seed giveaways in the garden. We also provide participants with reusable tote bags and recycling bins. This partnership is part of our continued efforts to encourage environmental stewardship and invest in Philly’s neighborhoods.


Kensington Yards Because the built environment accounts for nearly half of all carbon emissions in the United States, the ways in which we develop our homes have an enormous influence on our communities at large. Solo seeks to build and renovate properties in ways that reduce their environmental footprint. For new developments like Kensington Yards, Solo incorporated a suite of features intended to reduce waste and minimize carbon including robust insulation and reclaimed materials.


Solo Supports Solo Real Estate proudly sponsors the efforts of numerous
like-minded local organizations and neighborhood groups including The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), the FringeArts Festival, Center City Residents Association, Bella Vista Neighbors Association (BVNA), Green Philly News, McMichael Playspace, Emerald Wildflower Garden, and Hancock Park. We are also a proud member of The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, (SBN) a community of local independent businesses that share the belief that businesses can build profitable enterprises while serving community needs and protecting the environment.

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