A helping hand with your investment
Solo Investing


Choosing Solo means working with agents who know the city and can find you the best value. With a team full of creative thinkers and Philly locals, we understand the potential of every property and neighborhood, as well as the innovative ways to boost our communities. Whether you’re living in our beautiful city or investing from another, we have a network of resources to secure your property and maintain your investment—all with a quick response time. This means we won’t just help you find the right investment but help you keep it sound and growing through the years.

We recognize that investing is about generating wealth, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on integrity. We look for individuals who are interested in taking a stake in our city’s potential and sustainably building it up. Our goal is the improve the wide tapestry of neighborhoods, maintain the character of their built environment, and renovate and restore in the most sustainable ways we can.

Property Management

It takes a lot to manage a property by yourself. With seventy years and counting of experience, an extensive network of resources, and a hands-on approach to property management, Solo has you covered. Increase your property value with us, as we help you secure reliable tenants and enhance your investment with any contract work you may need. We’ll work with you to develop a reliable partnership and can assist you as your needs change along the way.

Solo takes care of:
  • Carefully screening and credit checking all tenant applicants
  • Responding quickly to all repair requests
  • Applying for a license from the City
  • Registering with PGW and utilities providers to exempt the owner and property from unpaid tenant gas bills
  • Scheduling the annual fire alarm inspection, upgrade, and certification
  • Soliciting bids for insurance coverage
  • Arranging for maintenance of all heating and AC systems
  • Contracting for snow removal
  • Hiring various contractors and suppliers to handle repairs
  • Securing key
  • Collecting all rents, doing all banking, paying all expenses, and providing a monthly account to the owner
  • Assisting the owner with all questions and issues

Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.