Featured Tenant: Time to Thrive

In her Rittenhouse Square studio at 2016 Walnut, Solo Real Estate tenant Hally Bayer, founder of Thrive Pilates & Yoga and Thrive with Hally uses pilates, yoga, and meditation to help people of all ages achieve sustainable energy, increased strength, and improved posture based on her personal experience. 

“When I was fifteen, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was hospitalized for a month and had three surgeries. It is a driving factor to this day to stay healthy,” she said.

Hally recovered but relapsed when she was twenty-five. “That is when I found a holistic health mentor who introduced me to meditation,” she said. “My meditation practice has brought me so much peace, gratitude, healing, light, energy, and insight. It helped me so much, I cannot go a day without it. Now, my seven-year-old son meditates with me.”

Certified in meditation training by Depak Chopra, Hally has incorporated the practice into Thrive with Hally, an online service separate from the studio. She admits meditation can be a struggle at the start but the rewards far outweigh the initial resistance. “There’s no such thing as a good or bad meditation,” she said. “The results are cumulative.”

Thrive with Hally offers meditation On-Demand, a series of online videos, five to twenty minutes, to find peace, relaxation, and resilience. “Our online meditations are accessible anytime, anywhere whether you are brand new to meditating or a seasoned practitioner,” said Hally. “With guided meditation, you will increase productivity, sleep better, improve relationships and move through your day with gratitude, optimism, compassion, and grace,” she said. 

Hally developed her appreciation for yoga and pilates through her own exploration of well-being. “I was a dancer and movement has always been a huge part of my life. I first fell in love with yoga. It’s just a great way to combine movement and meditation,” said Hally.

“I later gravitated towards pilates because it helped me get to know my body in a more balanced holistic way than any form of movement I ever experienced. It’s something I can do every day and feel strong, flexible, energetic, and calm,” she said. 

“Everyone should do pilates for health and longevity. It’s a lot of core work and it’s important for your spine, balance, and overall health. I have clients in their mid-eighties who had knee and hip replacements. There is no better form of exercise.” 

Hally recommends yoga, pilates, and meditation for all ages, including during pregnancy. “I did pilates and yoga while pregnant and it helped during labor, delivery, and the postnatal period,” she said.

Growing and Renovating

After over a decade, Hally outgrew the original Thrive Pilates & Yoga studio space on the third floor and went back to Solo for assistance. Rather than move out of the building, she relocated the Thrive studio to a larger space on the second floor and did a major renovation. “We just finished construction and totally remodeled the space,” she said.

Private pilates instruction, which Hally recommends for people who are new to the practice, is available in-studio and online. “Whether your goal is to achieve more strength or rehabilitation, these sessions are customized for your body and goals,” said Hally.

Thrive Pilates & Yoga offers regular classes in-studio, as well as outdoor, live stream, and on-demand classes. The studio also offers personalized private training and corporate classes. 

“Employees may be experiencing varying amounts of stress which weakens the immune system, making them more susceptible to illness which can equate to increased health costs for the organization and absenteeism,” said Hally.

“Providing opportunities for movement and meditation for your employees may not only mitigate the impact of stress, but also help them with focus, productivity, and creativity,” said Hally. 

We congratulate Hally and Thrive Pilates & Yoga on the transition to a new space to accommodate its continued growth. Thrive is one of many commercial tenants we are proud to work with and have in our community.  If you are seeking office or studio space, reach out to us to see how we can support your business goals.

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