Property Management

Tenants are hard to live with. They’re even harder to live without. This makes property management a full time job in Philadelphia. Instead of going crazy managing your own Philadelphia property, go the sane route with Solo Real Estate’s Property Management Services and save yourself tons of frustration (and money).

Generally speaking, our services depend on the type of property and the owner. A Philadelphia condo isn’t the same as a single-family home. And a multi-unit building in one of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods is different from a commercial space. We treat them each accordingly.

Now when it comes to the owners. Well, they’re just as unique and diverse as the properties we manage.

Some want us to take care of all aspects of their property. A few expect to be consulted on every matter. Others care about their property and emphasize constant improvement. And, well, a few are so tight fisted, that only an emergency may compel a repair. We never question any owner’s motives. Instead, we always help them achieve their goals for managing property in Philadelphia.

No matter what kind of property you own, or what kind of owner you are, Solo Real Estate will work with you (as much or as little as you want) to develop a customized property management plan designed to fit your property’s unique needs and budget. And we do it all openly, honestly, and transparently, with no hidden charges or fees.

Solo Real Estate is unlike many property management companies in Philadelphia.

 At the very minimum, Solo Real Estate will:
  • Carefully screen and credit check all tenant applicants
  • Respond quickly to all repair requests
  • Apply for the rental suitability license from the City
  • Register with PGW and utilities providers to exempt the owner and property from unpaid tenant gas bills
  • Schedule the annual fire alarm inspection, upgrade, and certification
  • Solicits bids for insurance coverage
  • Arranges for maintenance of all heating and ac systems
  • Contract for snow removal
  • Contract other various repairmen and suppliers
  • Secure keys
  • Collect all rents, do all banking, pay all expenses, and provide a monthly account to the Owner
  • Assist an Owner with all questions and issues

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    • “About 10 years ago I was thinking about buying an investment property in Center City Philadelphia - maybe a converted townhouse, with 6 to 10 apartments. My wife said it was a great idea, so long as we didn't have to manage the property ourselves. That's when I thought of Solo Realty...”

      Ed, Philadelphia
    • “About 25 years ago, we decided to rent our duplex in Society Hill. We were unhappy with the agent we were using, and someone suggested we try Solo. That was the best advice I have ever received. Solo Realty has always been great at keeping the building rented. When it was time to do necessary repairs, Solo has always provided workmen who have done a great job. Deborah Solo's design skills have made the units far more attractive and functional than they would otherwise have been.”

      Charles Meyers, Philadelphia
    • “You guys have been great and are the best as far as I'm concerned.”

      Bob, Kensington