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Grays Ferry

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Grays Ferry, also known as Gray’s Ferry, is a neighborhood in South Philadelphia bounded by 25th Street on the east, the Schuylkill River on the west, Vare Avenue on the south, and Grays Ferry Avenue on the north. The neighborhood is named after George Gray, who was in charge of a ferry and later a temporary bridge built on the Schuylkill during the Revolutionary War. That bridge has been rebuilt and rebuilt several times and is known today as Grays Ferry Bridge.

Historically, Grays Ferry was one of the largest enclaves of Irish Americans in the city and while there are still many Irish left, it is now home to a significant African American population. As the housing market has boomed in Philadelphia, the neighborhood has also seen a lot of new construction in recent years. Grays Ferry Crescent is a popular destination among neighbors, who use the space as a riverfront park for walks, picnics, and fishing.

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