Top 5 Ways to Save Space in a Philly Rowhome

We truly love Philly rowhomes. They’re remarkably efficient, lovely spaces to live. However, by design, they’re small and narrow and lack the amenities often found in larger, stand-alone homes: closets, windows, garages. Here are our top tips for maximizing space in small Philly rowhomes:


1. Create a Drop Zone


Angus Fergusson


Without a drop zone, the floors and kitchen tables of a rowhome can quickly become flooded with mail, shoes, winter hats, backpacks, and whatever else you cast aside when you come indoors. A well-organized drop zone allows you keep your belongings organized. Shoe benches, coat racks, and utility hooks are the staples of a rowhome drop zone.


2. Mirror Mirror, on the Wall


On The Square Realty


Yes, yes. We’ve all seen the (dare we say?) tacky wall mirrors from the 70s. We’re not suggesting you install marbled, smokey mirrors along the entire length of your rowhome. But a wall sized mirror on the ground floor can provide an incredible source of light and sense of openness. Plus, small children adore playing in front of them. Do this for the kids.

Not feeling up for the wall sized commitment? Large framed mirrors also work. But remember, go big!


3. Get Hooked


Shannon Cronin


When Philly rowhomes lack closet and cabinet space, the walls need to serve double duty. Hooks are your greatest asset in these space-limited situations. Pegboard can work marvelously in a kitchen, as seen in this narrow Philly kitchen.

Hooks also prove useful for hanging brooms, mops, aprons, grocery bags, helmets. Vertical living in a rowhome requires embracing the walls as a storage space.  


4. Narrow Furniture


Real Estate With Heart


The art school maxim “Go With, or Go Against” is never more true than in the case of furniture selection in a rowhome. Choose pieces that go with the shape of the rowhome rather than against it. Long, narrow tables allow you to easily move through to home rather than navigating around them.


5. Storage That Flexes 


For renters or folks intimidated by installing a wall of shelves, wooden crate boxes offer an excellent way to create flexible storage. They can hold nearly anything, and can quickly adapt to new environments or changes in lifestyle. Did you start collecting records? No need to find a specific shelf to hold them, just add another wooden crate into the mix. A densely packed collection of wooden crates can free up space in other areas of the room, allowing for a brighter, larger-looking space.


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