Purchasing Power Goes Further in Philly

What can $1 million buy you in Philly? A lovingly updated, historically preserved, 6,000 square foot mansion in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the City. What can that buy you in other cities? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out, but, spoiler alert: Philly wins this one hands down.


A pending sale in Philly caught our eye recently. At $999,900, 999 North 6th Street offers 6,800 square feet of ornate original detailing and modern amenities.


Included in the sale is a carriage house with 3-car parking below a 2-bedroom apartment and an additional property behind the main house.


999 North 6th Street is a classic Philadelphia mansion recently listed for sale for $1 million


It probably comes as no surprise that a property that is simultaneously a historical, classic style mansion and updated with desirable modern amenities is hard to come by at that price elsewhere.


In New York City $1 million will buy you, for example, a 750 square foot apartment on the Upper West Side, or a 1,300 square foot condo in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.


$1 million will buy you this 750 square foot apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan


For a property comparable in size and historical style in New York City, you are looking at a bill of at least $16,000,000.


In Chicago’s Lincoln Park, for the exact price of 999 North 6th Street, you could purchase a 4,350 square foot, 4-bed and 3.5-bath, new construction.


In Chicago, this new construction is going for $1 million


These properties don’t quite compare to 999 North 6th Street, with 8-bedrooms and 4-baths, a wine cellar, cupola room with a stained glass skylight, custom-made walls in wood and Lincrusta throughout, multiple working fireplaces, beautifully updated chef’s kitchen, and private garden.


Updated chef’s kitchen (left), and “office” room (right) featuring one of the many fireplaces in the $1 million Philly mansion


Put in context of the property being situated in Northern Liberties, one of Philadelphia’s trendiest neighborhoods, Philly is the place you will get the most for your budget.


Getting more for less in Philly doesn’t come at the expense of your surroundings and opportunities either. The Greater Philadelphia Area, if it was its own country, would have the31st largest GDP in the world—larger than that of France. So skip the Parisian chateau and see how your money will get you a whole lot more than just Brotherly Love in Philly.


Images of 999 North 6th Street courtesy of Philadelphia Magazine, Manhattan apartment image courtesy of amNew York, and Chicago new construction images courtesy of Zillow.

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