Managing the Chaos of Moving Day

After careful searching and tough decision making, people often forget the final hurdle of getting a new home: Moving Day. Just those words alone can strike fear into people’s heart; however, with the help of Paul Benjamin at EZ Storage, we’d like to share a few key tips to keep your moving day under control.


First, it’s important to acknowledge that successfully moving into your new home or apartment requires more than hiring movers or renting a truck and finding friends to help you in exchange for beer and pizza. There are in fact lots of factors that one needs to consider before moving day. For instance, it’s important for urban dwellers to remember that moving within Philadelphia presents its own unique challenges. Narrow streets, limited parking and heavy pedestrian traffic mean that those who don’t come prepared for every eventuality are in for a bumpy ride.


Of course, with good planning any move can be done right. With that in mind, Paul from EZ Storage has offered us some advice to help you move smoothly and keep your sanity:


Make a Moving Day Game Plan
Do some basic research before your move: Find out where you can park your truck/car, what the local street traffic patterns and rush hour is like and when your new garbage day is (you’ll have lots to toss out when you’re done). Contact the super, landlord, building manager or condo association (of both your current and new homes) to find out how to best execute the move. Also, don’t forget about your neighbors: if they have children, consider moving earlier in the day to avoid making noise and starting things off/ending them on the wrong foot.


Think About Packing and Labeling 
Consider purging (selling or donating) some of your belongings before packing and then be sure to box up and move your valuables (like laptops and fine jewelry) personally. It will also help to consider if you’ll have separate storage with your new residence. If so, label moving boxes in advance as to which go straight to the basement storage unit (for example) and which go directly into your apartment. Of course, you should also label items according to the room they belong in, bathroom, kitchen, etc.


Being Prepared on Moving Day
Charge your cell phone completely and ensure landlord, manager or super’s numbers are saved. Keep a local storage company’s number handy in case of unwelcome surprises, like furniture that won’t fit through the door or a malfunctioning freight elevator.


As seasoned real estate professionals, we feel these tips are a great way to ensure your moving day success.


To learn more about the moving and storage experts at EZ Storage, check out their website here.

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