Living Large in a Small Space

As fall starts, Philadelphia will once again fill up with new students and young professionals moving into small starter apartments. In this post, organizing expert Lydia Martin gives five great tips on how to organize small spaces for maximum effect.



In a small apartment, less stuff means less mess. Take inventory of what you own, setting aside what you really use and love, and then trim the fat. Remember the mantra “If it’s not beautiful or useful, get rid of it.”



As you attempt to reduce, you’ll find items that you don’t use every day, but that you’re not ready to part with yet. Sentimental items, in particular, will fit this category. Maximize your space by moving these items into deep storage. A basement, attic, or self-storage unit will happily hold what your apartment can’t fit.



Your media is best stored (not to mention searched for and shared) in a digital format. Scan the physical papers and photos laying around your space. Request only digital statements from your bank and unsubscribe from printed catalogues. Soon, your paper piles will disappear. Remember however to always back-up to an external hard drive or an online program to ensure that your files are safe.



Living in a small apartment can lead to some difficult choices about what’s really essential. You might have to decide between a work-space or a dining-space, for instance. Or between your favorite chair and your favorite bookcase. Just remember that your home will be better and more functional when it reflects your current needs and priorities.



After working hard to reorganize your small space, you may forget that the most important work is yet to come. Maintaining your new system is key! Take a few minutes every day to assess your space, reduce the excess, and rearrange as you see fit. Tiny living is well worth it.


For more tips and thoughts, visit www.lydiamartinorganizing.com.

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