Washington Square

The Secret Life of Buildings: Residential Courts

In our last Secret Life of Buildings post we tackled trinity homes. What we didn’t get around to mentioning are the residential courts that many houses of this style are nestled into. Residential courts are the smallest of the small streets, cartways, and alleyways that were carved out of William Penn’s Greene Country Towne in the 18th and 19th (read more…)

Reuniting with Philly in Washington Square

Longtime New York residents Richard and Anne recently moved to Philadelphia, where Richard obtained his undergraduate degree at Penn in the early 1970s. The move brought them closer to convenience, friends in Philadelphia, and the Penn State women’s volleyball team (more about that later), while keeping them within a stone’s throw of New York where they still work. Anne and (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 900-931 Clinton Street

There’s a classic trade-off facing every city dweller: people love the energy of downtown life, but with that vibrancy comes noise, crowds and dirt. However, tucked away in Washington Square West there’s a block that achieves a remarkable balance between beauty, serenity and a busy central location.   The little urban oasis referred to above to is the 900-931 (read more…)

Solo Real Estate’s New Video Platform

At Solo, we recognize how important good online research has become to conducting a successful house hunt. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a new initiative at Solorealty.com, where select online property listings will now feature original videos giving you unparalleled access to the great homes that we represent.   The video below is an example of (read more…)