Setting Up the 2020 PHS Flower Show “Riviera Holiday”

This Saturday is the opening day of the 2020 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, “Riviera Holiday.” For nine days, visitors to the Flower Show will be immersed in the sights and scents of the Mediterranean Riviera through garden displays, floral arrangements, design concepts, and more. Set-up Begins in the Philadelphia Convention Center We visited the site of the Flower Show (read more…)

How You Can Get Your Hands On A Philly Tree

Did you know that there are not one, not two, but three programs through which you can get a free street and/or yard tree for your property in Philadelphia? Make use of all of these amazing benefits of trees in your neighborhood that we’ve outlined above in our infographic by signing up for one of the amazing tree planting (read more…)

How-To: Recycling in Philly

One aspect of sustainable urban living that we try to highlight is recycling. Did you know that in Philadelphia, not only is recycling a fairly simple process, not much different than throwing out your garbage, it can also hold rewards for both the environment and yourself?   The city has supplied recycling bins to residents since 1993. While the (read more…)

A wheel winner: Bikes lanes make motorists safer too

A recent article on the benefits of bike lanes caught our attention. While some of the benefits listed are widely known, such as increasing the number of cyclists and improving safety for cyclists, this one in particular caught our eye: adding more bike lanes improves safety for motorists. Here’s how: A study in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio found that without a marked bike (read more…)

Solo Property Houses Indego Bike Share HQ

Philadelphia’s new bike share program, Indego, is launching this week! The program found the perfect home for its headquarters in a South Kensington property rented from a family partnership of Deborah Solo, Angel and Alex Franqui of Solo Real Estate.   Learn about the unique warehouse/office space hybrid they’ve created in the building to accommodate Indego’s diverse needs.   (read more…)

Solo Real Estate Owners Invest $10k in KCFC

Deborah Solo and Angel Franqui, owners of Solo Real Estate, have committed $10,000 to help the burgeoning Kensington Community Food Co-op (KCFC) move to the next phase of their development.   The end goal of the campaign is to open a complete healthy grocery store at the property KCFC secured this year at 2672 Coral Street (at the intersection of Coral Street, Frankford Avenue and (read more…)

Construction Waste Not, Want Not

Philly is certainly experiencing a construction boom, but with all those new properties and rehabs comes construction waste—and lots of it. One company and a rotating cast of artists are working to turn constructing “waste” into something much more.   Neighborhoods in every corner of the city are seeing new housing stock go up, and countless existing homes being (read more…)

Deborah Solo Talks Green Roofs with City Paper

Just in time for Earth Day, the Philadelphia City Paper spoke with Deborah Solo about the new green roof she’s installing above our offices. When complete, this unique project will bring big benefits both to our building and surrounding area.   Of course, an environmentally-conscious lifestyle is one of the things we love about living in urban Philadelphia. It’s also (read more…)

Bike Share Program Coming to Philadelphia has reported that the City will launch its first ever bicycle sharing program some time in 2014. With similar popular programs in cities like Paris, Montreal and Berlin, Philadelphians and visitors alike will soon join other global urbanites who all have the chance explore their city via rented bicycle.   Final program details have yet to be flushed (read more…)