Passyunk Square

New Digs: Brett & Nichole Peanasky

When Brett and Nichole Peanasky first came to Philadelphia, they didn’t necessarily have long term plans to stay here. Yet, by the time Brett finished graduate school, the couple were comfortable in the city and saw no reason not to extend their stay.   Eager to ditch their small Fitler Square apartment for an upgrade in the form of (read more…)

From Grandma to Grand in East Passyunk

“Look for grandma houses,” Solo Real Estate’s Alex Franqui advised married couple Leah Rominger and Dave Krevolin. Dave elaborates, “Grandma houses have good bones but bad design.” With Dave being a sculptor and Leah a landscape architect, good bones were all they needed. With Solo, they found them!   Leah and Dave chose Solo after meeting Alex at an (read more…)

New Digs: Coming Full Circle to Passyunk Square

Sometimes realtors can interpret what their clients want before the clients can. “If you told us we’d move to this neighborhood when we first started looking we’d say ‘no way,’” recount Amara and Dave Hahn.  But Solo Real Estate’s Kevin Rodricks knew Passyunk Square was a good fit based on the Hahns’ desire to live somewhere walkable, with connectivity (read more…)

New Digs: Committing to Passyunk Square for the Long Haul

You know you’ve bought the ideal home when you never want to move out of it. “Not only is this our first house, but our last,” jokes recent homebuyer Carly Goodman. Her husband, Andrew Thomas, puts it more bluntly: “We want to die in this house.” The couple’s interest in remaining in situ is not only due to an (read more…)