Big Changes Coming to Philly Skyline

It seems like every week developers announce plans to build a major new residential project in and aroundCenter City. All this construction has the potential to bring big changes to Philadelphia.   The week from February 12th and February 19th, 2014 was an extraordinary one for Philadelphia’s real estate sector. In those seven days, not one but three plans (read more…)

Does Philadelphia Have a Williamsburg?

Gawker, a popular New York-based blog, recently stirred up controversy in Philly by declaring which neighborhoods in our city are equivalent to the NYC hipster havens Williamsburg and Bushwick. But does an exercise like this do more harm than good?   Let’s start by saying that placing one neighborhood into the context of another is a natural way to build (read more…)

24-Hour Subway, 24-Hour City

SEPTA announced that it’s not yet bedtime for their 24-hour weekend subway service pilot program. Is this a step towards Philadelphia becoming a 24-hour city? If ridership remains high, the City of Brotherly Love may soon have a lot more nightlife to love.   Originally scheduled to end after Labor Day, SEPTA has extended the program through November 2nd. Making (read more…)

Guard Our Beer Gardens!

In Philadelphia, pop-up beer gardens appear like oases amidst the urban heat. However some legislators are demanding the closure of the loophole in the liquor code that makes them possible. Will Philadelphians be forced back indoors to enjoy their summer shandies and IPAs?   The PHS (Pennsylvania Horticultural Society) pop-up garden and the Eakins Oval beer garden are two (read more…)

Bright Lights, Big Issues

Philadelphians are rightfully proud of our city’s historic streetscape. But will a slew of proposed digital billboards add new life and energy to our city’s architectural heritage or serve as Las Vegas-style eyesores?   The Lit Brothers building on Market Street is the latest historic Center City building that may soon host a large digital billboard. Located just a (read more…)

Is Buying Cheaper Than Renting?

There’s an old axiom that says buying is smarter than renting. While that may not be true everywhere, a new survey finds that at least in Philly, buying does offer amazing savings.   Ask a recent first-time homebuyer and they’ll likely say their parents told them that while renting is okay at first, buying is a much better option (read more…)

Millennials Making Their Mark On City

There’s no doubt that Millennials are everywhere in Philadelphia. More than just populating our high-end coffee shops though, this age group is reshaping the very nature of our city.   In its recent report “Millennials in Philadelphia: A Promising But Fragile Boom“, Pew Charitable Trust has found that Millennials (defined in their study as people between the ages of (read more…)

Center City’s 2013 Retail Renaissance

A new report from the Center City District reveals that downtown Philadelphia, long caught between the King of Prussia Mall and New York City, has emerged as a major upscale shopping destination, as retailers use the area’s population density to their advantage.   The Center City District’s annual retail report (seen in full here) features some truly impressive numbers: (read more…)

New Land Bank Faces Hurdles To Success

Philadelphia is on track to become the largest city in the nation with a Land Bank. However, the bank’s central mission of connecting developers with abandoned properties may now be complicated by the very bill establishing this institution.   In a deal reached just days before adjourning for the year, City Council is now set to pass a landmark (read more…)


Conversion Project To Densify Problem Block

Marked by low occupancy, graffiti and poor foot traffic, the 1100 Block of Chestnut Street is a rare remaining example of Center City’s bad old days. Developers however have just received approval to transform a large part of this neglected street for the better.   At a recent Zoning Board meeting, an affiliate of Brickstone Realty won approval from (read more…)