Helpful Tips & Tricks

Sustainable New Year

We know how difficult it is to keep resolutions as the weeks go by, so we narrowed it down to three categories (dress, dine, and clean) to encourage you to make better, more sustainable choices throughout the New Year.

5 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements To Consider

Fall is the time to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and make changes to shrink your carbon footprint, reduce climate change and lower your costs in the long run.

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Mortgage rates have dropped to an all-time low. So, is this the time to refinance your home? Um, not so fast. We talked to home loan experts and there is no cookie-cutter formula that applies to everyone.

Outdoor Living – All Winter Long

Philadelphia homeowners with backyards, roof decks, and outdoor terraces are taking a tip from restaurants. They are installing fire pits and heat lamps to make dining al fresco a year-round possibility. The choices can be confusing, so we’ve narrowed the selection to coordinate with your property’s energy source and environmental concerns. Energy Sources Outdoor heaters come in four forms: (read more…)

5 Things To Consider When You Decide To Reappraise

When it’s time to sell your house or refinance your mortgage, reappraisal should be on your radar. Just because your bank appraised the house when you bought it doesn’t mean its value is the same — over the course of your ownership, many things could have happened to increase (or decrease) what it’s worth to lenders and potential buyers. (read more…)

How You Can Get Your Hands On A Philly Tree

Did you know that there are not one, not two, but three programs through which you can get a free street and/or yard tree for your property in Philadelphia? Make use of all of these amazing benefits of trees in your neighborhood that we’ve outlined above in our infographic by signing up for one of the amazing tree planting (read more…)

Help Affording Home Repair

Home repairs can be expensive, as we illustrated in our last post. Did you know that many loan and rebate programs exist to assist with covering these costs? There are even grant programs for low-income homeowners. Solo is here to show you that you are not alone when it comes to repairing your home! Our realtors are known for (read more…)

Home Renovation Costs: What to Expect

When perusing real estate listings, many buyers are enticed by the low monthly mortgage payments projected by websites like Zillow. Aside from excluding property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, those numbers also do not include the cost of home repair. Solo is here to elucidate those costs! Our real estate agents have an extensive knowledge of home repair and remodeling, (read more…)

Lifespan of Home Appliances & Other Improvements

Attention homeowners and prospective homebuyers! This article is for you.   One of the biggest and most overlooked unknowns in buying a home is what repairs will be necessary in the future. Look no further; Solo has demystified the lifespan of home appliances and other improvements.   Read on to learn more about how long your dishwasher or new (read more…)

Living Large in a Small Space

As fall starts, Philadelphia will once again fill up with new students and young professionals moving into small starter apartments. In this post, organizing expert Lydia Martin gives five great tips on how to organize small spaces for maximum effect.   Reduce In a small apartment, less stuff means less mess. Take inventory of what you own, setting aside (read more…)