Graduate Hospital

Blocks We Love: 2700 South Street

If you’ve ever sat on the fence, unable to decide between bustling downtown living or a more relaxed neighborhood set up, the 2700 block of South Street might peak your interest. Philadelphia is such a great city because it settles somewhere in the middle of skyscrapers, high-rises, and all of the action they denote, and the low-rise, neighborhood scale (read more…)

Featured Tenant: Kei Sushi

The co-owners of Kei Sushi put the concept of family into everything they do. That is why they’ve built a small, close knit staff at their newly opened Japanese restaurant in Philadelphia’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood. This is also why the duo were drawn to this neighborhood in the first place, because everyone was so friendly and really made them (read more…)

Graduate Hospital Grows Up

Graduate Hospital, with its proximity to the Rittenhouse Square, downtown businesses and University City, has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade. However, new proposals are taking that growth in a bold new direction – upwards.   Philadelphia Real Estate Blog has reported that two new highrise developments (both slated for five stories) are being considered for Graduate Hospital. (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 2300-2348 St. Albans Street

In a city where most private gardens are tucked behind homes, few Philadelphians have the chance to display their green thumbs to the world. On the 2300 block of Saint Albans Street however, residents not only enjoy a lovely shared garden in front of their homes, but also use this unique space to teach their children about the natural (read more…)