East Kensington

Philadelphia Phases In The New With These Big Developments

Taking a step away from some of the major new developments gathering buzz around Center City – the monumental new skyscraper for the Comcast Tower and the contested Toll Brother’s plans for Jewelers’ Row are a few that come to mind – we decided to take a look at some other notable projects shaping our neighborhoods.     Yards (read more…)

New Digs: Craftsmanship and Craftiness in East Kensington

Through the 1960s, Kensington was a manufacturing hub known as “the Workshop of the World.” Step into Jayme Guokas’s rowhomes, and you might think it still is. With Solo, Jayme bought property in East Kensington early and often, securing them at low prices and transforming the interiors. Jayme was Solo realtor Jeff Carpineta’s first client, back in 2004. Jeff (read more…)

New Digs: Seeking Fewer Compromises in Philly

“The difference between New York City and Philadelphia is the difference between perpetually renting and actually setting down roots.” That wisdom comes from Gregorio, an art director, who after living for years in New York City made the decision to embrace home ownership in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.   Before his move to the City of Brotherly (read more…)

New Digs: Industry and Artistry in East Kensington

Buying a house is a huge financial decision. But it’s more than that too. Our homes and neighborhoods define who we are and the lives we’ll lead. In New Digs, our latest blog series, we speak with Solo clients about the lessons they learned finding a new place to call home.   The Milk Depot Lofts in East Kensington (read more…)