Blocks We Love

Blocks We Love: 1400 Block of East Montgomery Avenue

Living across a historic cemetery can be an asset year-round, not just around Halloween! Though the 1400 Block of East Montgomery Avenue is nestled in the heart of Fishtown, it is not your quintessential Fishtown block.   Typically, a Fishtown block consists of neatly packed two-story brick townhomes, a decent showing of small trees and (hopefully) a parking spot (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 700 Block of Corinthian Avenue

Who thinks living across from a prison is an asset? We do, when that prison is historic Eastern State Penitentiary! Now a historic landmark, museum, and gothic revival wonder, Eastern State makes for a mighty fine neighbor for the 700 block of Corinthian Avenue.   Nestled in the heart of the charming Fairmount neighborhood, Corinthian Avenue is one of (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 4000-4037 Pine Street

Just south of UPenn’s grungy frat houses sits a pleasant surprise: some of Philadelphia’s most over-the-top Victorian architecture. Indeed despite its rowdy neighbors, history and beauty are all over Spruce Hill.   The 4000 block of Pine Street in Spruce Hill is one of these true West Philadelphia gems. This particular block has been called “one of the handsomest (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 400-500 Locust Street

t’s a safe bet that most Philadelphians are ready for spring after this historic winter. And as we rediscover the outdoors, one block tucked away in Society Hill will offer one of the most impressive floral displays in the city.   While the tourists may flock to Society Hill for its history and architecture, locals love this area for another less (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 1600 South Broad Street

Ornate yet functional, busy yet often-overlooked, Broad Street is an avenue like no other in our city. One block in South Philadelphia, on the cusp of redevelopment, is a particularly fine example of how the street’s complex past is key to its promising future.   To be sure, the 1600 Block of South Broad Street is neither green nor (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 1600 South 4th Street

Unplowed streets and icy sidewalks are hallmarks of a South Philadelphia winter. But in some special places, so too are snowy vistas, children’s laughter and all the other perks of park side life.   This special place is the 1600 Block of South 4th Street. Located between Tasker and Morris Streets directly across from Dickinson Square, the block enjoys (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 900-931 Clinton Street

There’s a classic trade-off facing every city dweller: people love the energy of downtown life, but with that vibrancy comes noise, crowds and dirt. However, tucked away in Washington Square West there’s a block that achieves a remarkable balance between beauty, serenity and a busy central location.   The little urban oasis referred to above to is the 900-931 (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 800-916 South 47th Street

There’s no confusing West Philadelphia with any other part of our city’s urban core. And with brightly painted homes, leafy streets and a dizzying diversity of residents, few neighborhoods are as colorful – literally and figuratively – as this fascinating community.   While West Philadelphia has many different neighborhoods, few are as heterogenous or as popular as Cedar Park, (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 2300-2348 St. Albans Street

In a city where most private gardens are tucked behind homes, few Philadelphians have the chance to display their green thumbs to the world. On the 2300 block of Saint Albans Street however, residents not only enjoy a lovely shared garden in front of their homes, but also use this unique space to teach their children about the natural (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 743-772 South 4th Street

Zebra stripes, purple polka dots and snake skin are not patterns one expects to see on the brick and stone streets of Philadelphia. However, on a part of South 4th Street known as Fabric Row, rolls of brightly colored cloths stand out like the flags of this historically independent-minded community.   Stretching down South 4th Street from Bainbridge to (read more…)