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New Digs: Slow and Steady in East Kensington

Greg Charnock, a new homeowner in East Kensington, wants to create a house filled with meaningful moments. Charnock, a carpenter, designer, and plasterer (among other skills) studied architecture at Temple, and this training reveals itself while walking through his work-in-progress rowhome.   In 2016, Charnock worked with Solo realtor Jeff Carpineta to find the right house for the right (read more…)

Super-Commuting Into The Future

As technology proliferates, the ways in which we choose to live and work continue to change and expand. In recent years, adapting to the modern workplace which often includes options for telecommuting, working on the go, collaborative workspaces, and businesses spanning multiple cities, many people have joined the ranks of what are termed “super commuters”. These are people who (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 3400 Block Of West Penn Street

Tucked into a corner of East Falls, tree-lined West Penn Street looks like a portrait of historical England: dense gardens, slate roofs, leaded windows. The nearly six dozen rowhomes on West Penn Street, designed and built in the late 1920s, remain little changed since their original construction. Recently added to Philadelphia’s Register of Historic Places, West Penn Street feels (read more…)

To Rent Or To Buy In A Prospering Philadelphia

If you have been on the fence about making the switch from renter to homeowner, some new research makes the argument for buying stronger than ever. A year end report from the rental-search website Abodo ranks Philadelphia as second for biggest rise in rental prices over the course of 2016 with a 4.2% leap. Yet, the city still comes (read more…)

Philadelphia Neighborhoods Show Off Holiday Spirit

It is hard to pinpoint how far back the immense, extraordinary holiday light displays in Philadelphia date. Including strands of lights draped across streets, big inflatable Santa Claus and reindeer, wreaths dotting windows, and more, sprinkled throughout every neighborhood, this city has no shortage of holiday spirit.   There are a few blocks in particular that stand out among (read more…)

Kensington Yards: New Construction with a Mission

Reasonably priced new construction offering sustainability, character, and a sense of community? Those were the priorities for Kensington Yards, Solo Real Estate’s first new construction development in South Kensington. We are thrilled to announce that the first two of fourteen units are now listed for sale: 1326 North 5th Street, units A3 and A4.   One of the many (read more…)

This Facade is Literally Magic

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to buy a house that includes a piece of magic—Magic Gardens that is. Isaiah Zagar, the mosaic artist behind the mindblowing Magic Gardens at 10th and South Streets, will occasionally complete a piece on a rowhouse façade. Solo is thrilled to currently be the seller’s agent for one such rowhouse! (read more…)

New Digs: Finally Falling for East Falls

Even though their first date was on the Schuylkill River Trail near East Falls, Kimberly Bonner and Latrice Springs initially looked in every neighborhood but East Falls for their new home. How did they finally fall for the neighborhood? It involved two years of house hunting, over 75 house showings, and an insane plan they called “the nuclear option.” (read more…)

A wheel winner: Bikes lanes make motorists safer too

A recent article on the benefits of bike lanes caught our attention. While some of the benefits listed are widely known, such as increasing the number of cyclists and improving safety for cyclists, this one in particular caught our eye: adding more bike lanes improves safety for motorists. Here’s how: A study in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio found that without a marked bike (read more…)

Reuniting with Philly in Washington Square

Longtime New York residents Richard and Anne recently moved to Philadelphia, where Richard obtained his undergraduate degree at Penn in the early 1970s. The move brought them closer to convenience, friends in Philadelphia, and the Penn State women’s volleyball team (more about that later), while keeping them within a stone’s throw of New York where they still work. Anne and (read more…)