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Blocks We Love: 700 North Bodine

Tucked away amongst the bustling commercial corridors, looming new condos, and new construction in progress on just about every street, one could easily miss the 700 block of North Bodine Street, an iconic mainstay of historic Northern Liberties.   Originally known as Brook Street, this narrow, secondary street was built upon a former streambed. During a period of expansion (read more…)

Featured Collaborator: Bright Common

On an unseasonably warm February day in South Kensington, an old and quickly changing Philadelphia neighborhood, architect Jeremy Avellino makes quick mention of the temperature. Unlike many Philadelphians, saying things like “Nice day today”,  Avellino gestures towards the outdoors with some consternation. 62 degrees in mid February doesn’t bring a welcome relief from winter as much as means underscoring (read more…)

Featured Tenant: Kei Sushi

The co-owners of Kei Sushi put the concept of family into everything they do. That is why they’ve built a small, close knit staff at their newly opened Japanese restaurant in Philadelphia’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood. This is also why the duo were drawn to this neighborhood in the first place, because everyone was so friendly and really made them (read more…)

Famous Artist Makes His Mark on a Northern Liberties Home

Tucked inside an interior wall of Victorian-era rowhome in northern Liberties lies a small but significant moment in Art History. In 1980, renowned artist Sol LeWitt visited the homeowners and fellow artists, Helen Herrick and Milton Bruton. The current owner, Erika Katz, with the help of Deborah Solo, purchased the home from Herrick and Bruton over two decades ago (read more…)

Will SEPTA Key Unlock the Doors to Public Transportation?

For the past year or so Philadelphia’s world of SEPTA riders has been abuzz, and often very bewildered, about the impending SEPTA Key Card system. As someone who is an avid public transportation rider, but has also always lived near stations that do not even have a token machine, the prospect of the SEPTA Key is certainly intriguing. Yet (read more…)

Featured Tenant: Sip-N-Glo Juicery

Rittenhouse Square, long home to many charming cafes and eateries, is seeing a surge in hip new food and beverage spots. The 200 block of South 20th St, home to Spread Bagelry, Audrey Claire, Twenty Manning, and the Bakeshop, among others, welcomed a new neighbor, Sip-N-Glo Juicery, in November of 2015.   Owner Kristin Lubsen transformed the space at (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 1800 West Girard Ave

Designed by Philadelphia architect Willis G. Hale in 1889, the houses at 1816-1834 West Girard Ave represent an iconic North Philadelphia style in the late 19th Century with ornate detailing, eccentric flair, and intriguing patterns. The houses are designed as sets of mirror image pairs that alternate between two facade variations. Each home shares some of the same qualities (read more…)

New Digs: Slow and Steady in East Kensington

Greg Charnock, a new homeowner in East Kensington, wants to create a house filled with meaningful moments. Charnock, a carpenter, designer, and plasterer (among other skills) studied architecture at Temple, and this training reveals itself while walking through his work-in-progress rowhome.   In 2016, Charnock worked with Solo realtor Jeff Carpineta to find the right house for the right (read more…)

Super-Commuting Into The Future

As technology proliferates, the ways in which we choose to live and work continue to change and expand. In recent years, adapting to the modern workplace which often includes options for telecommuting, working on the go, collaborative workspaces, and businesses spanning multiple cities, many people have joined the ranks of what are termed “super commuters”. These are people who (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 3400 Block Of West Penn Street

Tucked into a corner of East Falls, tree-lined West Penn Street looks like a portrait of historical England: dense gardens, slate roofs, leaded windows. The nearly six dozen rowhomes on West Penn Street, designed and built in the late 1920s, remain little changed since their original construction. Recently added to Philadelphia’s Register of Historic Places, West Penn Street feels (read more…)