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Microbrews Help Homes Gain Macro Value in Philadelphia

Microbreweries seem to be popping up around every corner in Philly. But are they good for the neighborhood? Solo Real Estate investigates.

Street Sheet: Germantown Avenue

A Brief History of one of Philly’s Most Historic Avenues  Germantown Avenue is one of the most recognizable streets in Philadelphia, and for good reason. Running diagonally, Germantown Avenue weaves and winds in a northwest direction for 6 miles from Center City through Chestnut Hill.  Culturally, Germantown Avenue is a stage of diversity. It moves through neighborhood after neighborhood, (read more…)

Fireball Printing: Renovating Upward in East Kensington

If you are an artist, designer, or small business owner in Philly, you’ve probably heard of Fireball Printing. This small business specializes in custom print jobs of all kinds: from postcards and stickers to large-format projects and archival art prints. Co-owners and husband-and-wife duo Paul Yavarone and Catherine Dentino have a mission to provide the makers of Philly with (read more…)

New Digs: Love at First Sight at Kensington Yards

How many people can say that a window sold them on their new home? For Michael McTigue, the stunning circular cut-out window in his new Kensington Yards unit may have been the clincher. This compelling architectural detail is beloved amongst the Solo Real Estate crew, and we’re delighted to see such a great owner inhabit this special space. Old (read more…)

5 Things To Consider When You Decide To Reappraise

When it’s time to sell your house or refinance your mortgage, reappraisal should be on your radar. Just because your bank appraised the house when you bought it doesn’t mean its value is the same — over the course of your ownership, many things could have happened to increase (or decrease) what it’s worth to lenders and potential buyers. (read more…)

New Digs: Taking the Plunge in Point Breeze

    In 2017, Andrew and Michelle felt like they were growing out of their Queen Village apartment, but didn’t want to find another place to rent. When weighing their many options, including purchasing a first home, Andrew said, “If we’re going to live in Philly, let’s just do it.” The impulse to find a more permanent home combined (read more…)

5 Things Philly Renters Can Do for the Environment

Think that sustainability initiatives are only for property owners? Think again! As a renter in Philadelphia, you can do a lot to reduce waste and promote sustainability. See our top 5 recommendations below. 1. Power your home with renewable energy You might not know that PECO allows customers to choose the source of their electricity. Not only can you (read more…)

The Secret Life of Buildings: Star Bolts

On a stroll through the streets of Philadelphia, you’ll likely spot star bolts somewhere along the way. In a city so rich with colonial history, these bolts could easily be mistaken for decoration. And while they certainly add a charming element to these brick homes, they’re actually working hard to keep the front walls of these houses upright. Why (read more…)

New Digs: Shereen and Robbie Renovate in East Passyunk

    Getting a tour of Shereen and Robbie’s reconstructed rowhome in East Passyunk is like a life-size game of tetris. Moving through the large corner lot, you try to envision where walls were knocked down, how the staircase was moved, and where windows and whole rooms were added. After purchasing the home in April 2017, Shereen says they (read more…)

Is It Worth It? Ways To Green Your Home That Pay You Back

Greening your home is great for the environment, and oftentimes, for your wallet.  Many sustainable home improvements reduce monthly utility costs and make your home more comfortable. Some green home improvements can actually increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell.   But greening your home does require an investment. Fortunately, some greenovations are as cheap (read more…)