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The Secret Life of Buildings: Star Bolts

On a stroll through the streets of Philadelphia, you’ll likely spot star bolts somewhere along the way. In a city so rich with colonial history, these bolts could easily be mistaken for decoration. And while they certainly add a charming element to these brick homes, they’re actually working hard to keep the front walls of these houses upright. Why (read more…)

New Digs: Shereen and Robbie Renovate in East Passyunk

    Getting a tour of Shereen and Robbie’s reconstructed rowhome in East Passyunk is like a life-size game of tetris. Moving through the large corner lot, you try to envision where walls were knocked down, how the staircase was moved, and where windows and whole rooms were added. After purchasing the home in April 2017, Shereen says they (read more…)

Is It Worth It? Ways To Green Your Home That Pay You Back

Greening your home is great for the environment, and oftentimes, for your wallet.  Many sustainable home improvements reduce monthly utility costs and make your home more comfortable. Some green home improvements can actually increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell.   But greening your home does require an investment. Fortunately, some greenovations are as cheap (read more…)

What Do Green Roofs Actually Do?

Ever wonder about the growing trend of creating green roofs? How do they work and what are the benefits? We spoke with Solo Real Estate owner Deborah Solo about her 10 years of experience creating green roofs, both on her own homes and for commercial properties.   A green roof is exactly what it sounds like: a roof topped (read more…)

Welcoming Rebecca Nichols to the Solo Real Estate Team

Solo Real Estate is excited to welcome Rebecca Nichols to the family, in more ways than one! Rebecca is our newest face around the office, joining Solo’s roster of insightful and enthusiastic relators. Please join us in welcoming Rebecca on board, and learn a little more about her background below. Joining the Green Team Rebecca is a native Minnesotan (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 800 Block of 10th Street

Located in the heart of the Italian Market neighborhood in Philly, the 800 block of 10th street provides a real sense of city history. If it weren’t for the mid-sized SUVs lining the street, one could just as easily image an early twentieth-century figure walking through one of the curved doorways that add such formal beauty to these townhouses. (read more…)

New Digs: New Construction Means New Possibilities At Kensington Yards

When Rebecca made the decision to put her money on Kensington Yards, she wasn’t even in the market. Rebecca had rented her Northern Liberties apartment through Solo Realty for fourteen years. So, she was eager to check out this ambitious project undertaken by ourselves at Solo, Bright Common Architecture, and Red Oak builders.     While this Philly educator had (read more…)

2126 Locust Street Renovation

When a fire at the building next door damaged Edward Grinspan’s property at 2126 Locust Street, he embraced the opportunity to renovate and reimagine the 8 (now 6) apartments. Grinspan poured thoughtfulness into every aspect of these truly unique apartments, all while preserving the original character of the building.    Grinspan self-describes as a “frustrated architect”. Thus, he approached (read more…)

New Digs: Brett & Nichole Peanasky

When Brett and Nichole Peanasky first came to Philadelphia, they didn’t necessarily have long term plans to stay here. Yet, by the time Brett finished graduate school, the couple were comfortable in the city and saw no reason not to extend their stay.   Eager to ditch their small Fitler Square apartment for an upgrade in the form of (read more…)

Agent Stories: Exploring Philly Arts Spaces With Niki Cousineau

Niki Cousineau approaches real estate the same way she approaches her practice as a dancer and choreographer – it’s all about space. Niki, a new agent with Solo, appreciates space in all of its forms. She brings this appreciation to her work as a realtor. Who better to help you find your next home than someone who sees the (read more…)