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Blocks We Love: 1600 South 4th Street

Unplowed streets and icy sidewalks are hallmarks of a South Philadelphia winter. But in some special places, so too are snowy vistas, children’s laughter and all the other perks of park side life.   This special place is the 1600 Block of South 4th Street. Located between Tasker and Morris Streets directly across from Dickinson Square, the block enjoys (read more…)

Center City’s 2013 Retail Renaissance

A new report from the Center City District reveals that downtown Philadelphia, long caught between the King of Prussia Mall and New York City, has emerged as a major upscale shopping destination, as retailers use the area’s population density to their advantage.   The Center City District’s annual retail report (seen in full here) features some truly impressive numbers: (read more…)

Places We Love: Philly At Holiday Time

The Holidays are an amazing time in Philadelphia. From bustling shops to brightly lit streets, our city is down right magical in December. We’ve asked videographer Cory Popp to capture the best of that scenery and show one of the places we truly love: Philly At Holiday Time Indeed, our city’s diverse communities are what make the Holiday Season (read more…)

New Land Bank Faces Hurdles To Success

Philadelphia is on track to become the largest city in the nation with a Land Bank. However, the bank’s central mission of connecting developers with abandoned properties may now be complicated by the very bill establishing this institution.   In a deal reached just days before adjourning for the year, City Council is now set to pass a landmark (read more…)


Conversion Project To Densify Problem Block

Marked by low occupancy, graffiti and poor foot traffic, the 1100 Block of Chestnut Street is a rare remaining example of Center City’s bad old days. Developers however have just received approval to transform a large part of this neglected street for the better.   At a recent Zoning Board meeting, an affiliate of Brickstone Realty won approval from (read more…)

Places We Love: Wissahickon Valley Park

Solo Blog’s “Blocks We Love” lets us highlight some of the best small communities in Philadelphia. But some places are simply too big for the series! With that in mind, Solo’s videographer Cory Popp and his wife Lauren have produced a celebration of one of the “Places We Love”: Wissahickon Valley Park. As you’ll see in the following video, (read more…)

How Philadelphia Gets To Work

A new report from the Center City District (CCD) has some fascinating figures about how Philadelphians commute to work. Relying increasingly on public transit, bicycles and their own two feet, these eco-friendly commuting habits have become increasingly important to the city’s continued development.   The CCD’s new report reveals in depth statistics on how Philadelphia’s commuters are uniquely different (read more…)

Blocks We Love: 900-931 Clinton Street

There’s a classic trade-off facing every city dweller: people love the energy of downtown life, but with that vibrancy comes noise, crowds and dirt. However, tucked away in Washington Square West there’s a block that achieves a remarkable balance between beauty, serenity and a busy central location.   The little urban oasis referred to above to is the 900-931 (read more…)

Boardwalk Blazes New Path Along Schuylkill

When completed in 2014, the Schuylkill River Trail’s boardwalk will serve not only as a new corridor for pedestrians, cyclists and other visitors along enjoying the river, but will also offer users exciting new ways to experience Philadelphia’s forgotten waterfront spaces and vistas.   At about 2000 feet long and 15 feet wide, the new Schuylkill River Trail Boardwalk (read more…)

Solo Real Estate’s New Video Platform

At Solo, we recognize how important good online research has become to conducting a successful house hunt. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a new initiative at, where select online property listings will now feature original videos giving you unparalleled access to the great homes that we represent.   The video below is an example of (read more…)