New Digs: Brewerytown Renovation Part Two

Finding beautiful hardwood floors under nasty green carpeting was one of many big surprises that Ashley and Thomas in renovating their first home. We’ll explore these and other unique moments in Part Two of our New Digs: Renovation series.

For Ashley and Thomas, removing that tired carpet was just one of many necessary leaps of faith taken during their first home renovation process. While they lucked out with the home’s hidden hardwood floors, other surprises and tough decisions were frequent and not always so positive.

“We really had to learn how to roll with the punches” Ashley says with a laugh.

The new house, a Brewerytown rowhome purchased for under $50,000, needed some major work done. The newlyweds were smart enough however to know they needed a good contractor to handle not only this older property’s known issues, but also those surprises as well. After getting some lowball offers, they found a local contractor who was both realistic about their budget and, just as importantly, a good listener.

Basic renovations to the plumbing and electrical systems came first. Even then though, Ashley and Thomas were eager to add their own touches. When remodeling the kitchen for example, they chose to have the sink face out towards the dining room: that way they could talk to guests while doing the dishes and ultimately better incorporate the kitchen into the flow of their home.

With so many of these needed and technically complex renovations going on, the newlyweds knew it was important they stay informed even if they didn’t quite have an opinion/choice in the matter. “I just had to keep telling myself ‘You are allowed to ask as many questions as you want’” Ashley says “and I’m glad we had a contractor who got that.”

Once the big-ticket changes were made, the couple got their chance to make some more fun, cosmetic changes. Raising the ceiling in the master bedroom, restoring an original skylight in the bathroom and scrapping the ancient wallpaper for fresh paint helped personalize and brighten their new home.

Sitting in their beautifully renovated living room, Ashley now has the chance to wax philosophical about the whole renovation experience. “You learn you have to go through open doors and if you come across a closed one, well, you find another way forward.”

To see Ashley and Thomas’ fully renovated home, check out the video below.

New Digs: Brewerytown Renovation Part Two

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