Harvest 2020: Home Gardening Addresses Hunger and Food Insecurity in Philadelphia

Although it has been a cold, wet, and strange spring, summer is just around the corner. At Solo Real Estate, we are proud supporters of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), for all that they do for our state and city communities, and for the way they encourage a greener world. The spread of COVID-19 has given us all an increased sense of awareness of food supply and has sparked new interest in home gardening and raising edible plants. At least, that’s what we’ve been learning from our Instagram feeds! Today, PHS has given us a new way to celebrate our collective growing knowledge of and interest in growing good, through their new program, Harvest 2020. 

Harvest from the Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden. Photo courtesy of PHS

This program will give individuals the opportunity to take on one of three roles that further a movement of growing and sharing abundant harvests at home, in public spaces, and in community gardens. 

A GROWER will grow shares for their household, a SHARER grows shares for others, and a GIVER supports the program through donations and sponsorships. With the support of these roles, PHS can help underserved areas and community groups begin planting in garden beds by providing materials, supplies, and plants.

The new Harvest 2020 program gives volunteers the opportunity to be a Grower, a Sharer, and/or a Giver. Photo courtesy of PHS

At Solo, we celebrate all the ways plants make our lives, and meals, better. Deborah Solo is a decades-long gardener who has enjoyed keeping a large garden and has even grown several types of grapes to make wine! In recent years, she adapted her big-garden habits to a smaller deck garden, supplying herself with tomatoes, mixed greens, and fresh herbs all summer. Now, her well-rounded green roof holds a wonderful mix of vegetables and flowers. Alex and Becca are starting their first garden in their new home this summer, and they are looking forward to fresh salad greens and the possibilities empty beds provide. Whether you’re trying to re-grow your scallions on your windowsill, planning for an abundant batch of cucumbers, or are curious about how seeds become food, Harvest 2020 has you covered, while giving you the chance to provide for others in need. 

Deborah Solo's deck garden in Philadelphia
Deborah Solo’s deck garden in Center City, Philadelphia.

A Virtual Hub will provide educational resources, such as “Growinars,” supply lists, and helpful tutorial videos like this for interested individuals! Follow PHS on Facebook and on Twitter to learn more. For a video introduction to Harvest 2020, click here.

Tomatoes in hand.
PHS will have video tutorials and “Growinars” for Harvest 2020. Photo courtesy of PHS
A healthy crop of romaine lettuce
A healthy crop of romaine lettuce! Photo courtesy of PHS
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