Featured Tenant: Thrive Pilates

In 2009 when Philly Power Yoga studio owner Steve Gold reached out to Hally Bayer about joining forces with a combined yoga and pilates studio, something in her said to just go for it. While at the time she had only met Gold briefly through a friend, she had been running her pilates studio out of her apartment since moving to Philadelphia from Atlanta in 2007, and the prospect of a full studio space was too exciting to turn town. Bayer quickly found a home away from home at Solo Realty’s 2016 Walnut Street space just off Rittenhouse Square, and the unbeatable combo of Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates was born.


One of the biggest issues confronting city fitness facilities is space. There’s almost never enough of it. Despite the constraints that might come with locating in such a dense and busy hub, Bayer has managed to build a comprehensive pilates and fitness program. In addition to pilates she coordinates classes in meditation, barre, and cardio with around twenty teachers. The combination of all these different class options along with Gold’s yoga practice is one of the huge draws of Thrive Pilates.



Neighborhood residents, office workers and commuters on their lunch break, and people from all around the city flock to the beautiful and well equipped Rittenhouse studio to get their mind and body wellness fix.


Despite having grown so quickly and expanding to offer a wide range of classes, Bayer remains committed to maintaining small class sizes. She knows everyone’s name and, beyond that, truly takes an interest in the lives of her fellow teachers and students. This is evident as she walks me through the space, showing me around, introducing me to everyone we encounter, and breaking off on countless tangents inquiring about recent vacations, life developments, and more. Bayer embodies the very warmth that she also seeks to establish in her studio space.



This connectivity and community underlies Bayer’s vision for the studio. As a home away from home, the space exists as a community in and of itself, and a kind, friendly place of nurturing. The goal is for everyone to feel welcome and to thrive at Thrive Pilates.


Not only does Bayer epitomize this welcoming, nurturing nature and instill this in her teachers and students, the space at 2016 Walnut plays an important role in establishing this tone as well. The old building is full of quirkiness and character. The coziness that comes from old spaces with wood floors creates an immediate sense of warmth and comfort. The huge windows are also a major asset, allowing plenty of natural light to flow into the space.



In order to have a fulfilling practice for both mind and body, it is imperative that all people feel comfortable in the space. It is obvious why Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates is one of the most popular studios in the area – beyond the amazing repertoire of classes, this is a place you truly want to spend time in. It’s a space full of positivity of all kinds that encourages each individual to thrive in their own way.


We at Solo Realty love having such amazing tenants in our Rittenhouse building at 2016 Walnut Street. Bayer and the rest of the team at Thrive Pilates are such a boon to the Rittenhouse neighborhood and the Philadelphia community as a whole. Check out their website for information on classes designed for students of all shapes, sizes, and levels of experience.  


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