Agent Stories: East Falls Tour with Justin Cash Kopczynski


When Solo Realtor Justin Cash Kopczynski and his wife looked for a place to call home in Philadelphia, their search quickly lead them to East Falls. The Chicago transplants rented a small apartment in Fairmount for a year before settling down in this picturesque hillside neighborhood just a few miles away from center city. We recently toured East Falls with Justin where he shared his top 5 places to see and visit during your trip to 19129.


#1. The Historic Homes of East Falls

The East Falls “Historic Tudor District” with slate roofs and deep gardens

Several streets in East Falls are listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. The “Tudor District” comprises 3 blocks of unique tudor-inspired homes built in the 1920s and 1930s. (To learn more about one of these blocks, see our story on 3400 W. Penn Street ). Slight variations in facade materials, window and door ornamentation, roof pitching, and garden layout create very historical, intimate blocks. Each house includes a deep setback from the street, which many owners have transformed into small, beautiful gardens and patios.


#2. The Grace Kelly House

Actress and Princess Grace Kelly grew up in a 1920s brick colonial style house on Henry Avenue in East Falls. In 2016, her son, Prince Albert of Monaco purchased the home for $755,000. After undergoing renovations (the home had fallen into considerable disrepair), the home will reopen in 2018 as as a regional office for the Princess Grace Foundation, as well as an exchange program with the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco.

Justin at the Kelly Family Home at 3901 Henry Ave.


#3. The Falls of Schuylkill Library

Falls of Schuylkill Branch on Midvale Avenue, built in 1913

East Falls boasts an impressive array of historic buildings, but the public library on Midvale Avenue stands apart. Built in 1913 in the collegiate gothic architectural style, the stone library with soaring interior wooden buttresses feels like it belongs in medieval europe. Yet it includes many modern amenities as well as the most active library friends group of all the city’s 54 branches.


#4. Vault and Vine

At 3507 Midvale Avenue, visitors to East Falls can experience a floral design studio, event space, plant and gift shop, and cafe serving delicious coffee and locally sourced baked goods. Florist and owner, Peicha Chang, operated a smaller flower shop in East Falls for several years before expanding her operation to meet growing neighborhood demand. Chang purchased the Midvale Avenue building in 2015 and did extensive renovations, including adding a second floor and building a greenhouse. The resulting shop is a must see.

Vault and Vine on Midvale Avenue


#5. Murphy’s

No trip to East Falls would be complete without a trip to Bill Murphy’s Irish Saloon. Though East Falls boasts more than a few pubs and bars, Murphy’s quickly emerged as Justin’s top pick. “The atmosphere is so laid back and welcoming” he says. With a seasonally updated menu and a ever evolving rotation of draughts, no two trips to Murphs need be exactly alike. Join Justin for a round of drinks to celebrate closing on your next house!

Join Justin for a round after closing on your next house!