Rebecca M., MD and Farrell L., MD Newbold

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My husband and I first met Deborah in 2004 when we began looking for a house to buy in Philadelphia. She had been referred by a number of people in our circle of friends all of whom had bought and sold houses successfully with her over the years.  At the time, we were both in the midst of our medical residencies, and had very little spare time and even less money.  

Deborah was incredibly helpful. We had only been living in Philadelphia for a little over a year when we started the process of buying a house, and Deborah's knowledge of the various neighborhoods was very impressive, and critical to our process.  She would research many, many properties and very efficiently take us from one to the next whenever we had time available. She got to know us and our tastes quickly, and was able to filter through the properties based on what she thought we would like. She saved us hours of time by developing a good sense of us and what we wanted and helping us find places that met our needs. 

Once we finally found the right place, she and her husband Angel, who is an attorney, were both instrumental in advocating for us in the purchase of the property, which unfortunately had caught fire prior to us writing our contract. They were able to negotiate a price that was about 50% less than the original price, and helped us navigate the world of contractors to get the house back into being habitable after the fire.  

We have since become good friends with Deborah and Angel, who have come over to our house numerous times over the years to visit and to follow the progress on what is now, 7 years later, a completely rehabbed and totally unique space.

Solo realty is an extremely trustworthy, family run business that is small enough to give individualized attention to every client, but also large and well-established enough to have an up-to-the-minute sense of the Philadelphia real estate market.  We can't recommend them highly enough as a company. We are also thrilled to count these excellent people as friends!

Rebecca M., MD

Farrell L., MD